Foundations (Colossians Week 4)

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

When the wind starts blowing and your sails suddenly shift in a direction you didn’t predict.

When the water is rising, the waves are growing and the bottom drops out from under your feet.

When fog surrounds you, and you can’t see what’s ahead.

When the clear path through the wilderness suddenly disappears and you are left looking side to side wondering where it went.

When that person says that hurtful comment and you are left in a tailspin wondering what just happened.

When you can’t seem to do anything right and you ponder if you will ever climb out of the hole you feel stuck in.

Let your roots grow down into Him.

Sometimes, much like an old house being renovated, we have to take things back down to the foundation. To the roots. We must dig up things we planted, we must tear out additions and old ways of doing things. We must erase the old plans and step back and assess where it all began. Is the foundation strong? Is your house built on sand, or rock?

And that can hurt. It’s hard work. It feels counterproductive even, to tear down things you worked hard in the past to build up.

But we must be sure of the foundation, everything else rests upon it.

And just because the way you did something in the past “worked” then, doesn’t mean it will work now. You’ve grown. You’ve changed. The climate has changed. Some things have rotted, lost their integrity and strength. Some other things have shown their reliability through storms and droughts.

It’s time to bring it all back to the roots.

Where are yours planted? Firmly in the Word? in God’s faithfulness? In His promises?

Or are your roots planted in your own ability to figure things out? To provide for yourself?

Or are they planted in somewhere else entirely…your spouse, your job, your dreams, your work ethic, your children?

If it is anywhere else than in God…it’s time to tear down the house and rebuild your foundation. To rip it all out by the roots and replant in fertile soil. Soil that’s watered by Living Water.

Let your roots grow down into Him. He has everything you need to build a life worthy of His call for you. He has so much to show you, if you can let Him weed out what doesn’t need to be there; what isn’t strong enough to sustain you.

Lord, thank You for Your provision. We know that no matter what is happening, You are near. You are working things out for our ultimate good. Our “good” is refining us to be more like Jesus, not more comfortable in this life here on Earth. God help us see that Your pruning, cutting back and removing of old habits and thought patterns, though they are familiar to us, are not serving us well any longer. Help us open our hearts to Your voice and give us the bravery to be willing to let You reset our foundations in You. I pray for paths in the wilderness, streams in the dry wasteland, new opportunities in our lives, new friendships being forged, transformed minds and tender, responsive hearts. We want You to be our foundation. We want our roots to grow down deep into You. Remind us when we look side to side for answers to look up at You instead. Our eyes are on You. In Jesus’ mighty name, AMEN.

Thank you for digging deep with me this month as we explored Colossians 2:7!

Cant wait to dig in next month! 👓

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