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Apple Bible Study Method

Let's Dig Deeper into Colossians!

Here’s another personal favorite bible study method! The APPLE Bible Study Method.

To do this properly, I decided to look at the whole 2nd chapter of Colossians, to give me more insight and material to work with. I also would often compare different versions of the Bible, verse by verse, to get a full picture of what God is saying. It is fascinating how one version can sometimes just click!

Colossians Chapter 2 NLT (unless noted otherwise)

A: Attributes of God

  • He has all wisdom and knowledge (v3)

  • He is head over every ruler and authority (v10)

  • Trustworthy, Powerful, Raised from the dead (v12)

  • Forgiving (v13)

  • Redeeming (v14)

  • He holds all things together (v19)

P: Promises of God

  • He has a mysterious plan (v2)

  • Our faith will grow strong & we will overflow with thankfulness (v7)

  • We are complete through Him (v10)

  • He cut away our sinful nature (v11)

  • He raised us to new life (v12)

  • He cancelled our charges (v14)

  • He disarmed spiritual rulers and authorities (v15)

  • SET YOU FREE (v20)

P: Principles for life

  • Be encouraged and have confidence (v2)

  • Do not be deceived (v4)

  • Continue to follow Him (v6)

  • Overflow with thankfulness (v7)

  • Do not get distracted (v8 TPT)

  • Do not be captured by big words & intellectual double talk (v8 MSG)

  • Do not be bothered by people passing judgement on you (v16)

  • my note: that is “small potatoes” compared to what Christ is truly about

  • Do not submit to earthly rules on what you can and cannot do (v20 MSG)

  • my note: your sinful nature died with Christ, you are beyond earthly, human-created rules!

L: Lessons Learned or Sins to Avoid

  • Do not be deceived (v4)

  • Do not succumb to “religious rules” (v16)

God is SO MUCH MORE than rules! He wants obedience but not out of obligation--OUT OF LOVE for Him.

E: Example to Follow

  • Fully find and follow God for yourself, do not depend on someone else’s interpretation or ideas or philosophies or RULES.

Jesus died for YOU on the cross, so you could be free from the chains of sin. NOT so He could chain you back down with rules to follow!
  • Verse 23 states that all those “rules seem wise because they require strong devotion, pious (definition: adjective--devoutly religious) self-denial, and severe bodily discipline. But they provide no help in conquering a person’s evil desires."

  • my note: If you are not seeking Him, (aka just trying to follow rules and “be good”) then you will not have victory over your evil desires.

PRAYER over what I just learned:

Lord, I thank You that You are trustworthy, powerful, all-knowing, redeeming, forgiving and that You hold all things together. You promise that though Your plans may be a mystery to me, that they are good. You promise that You will cut away my sinful nature and that I am raised to new life through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. I can live my new life in You with confidence and thankfulness. I can focus on the Truth in Your Word instead of getting caught up in the lies and confusion the world tries to throw at me--no matter how “good” or “truthful” they may sound. Your Word is my magnifying glass. Following You may raise eyebrows, listening to Your Truth may go against the world’s definition of normal and I may look weird. But You know how that feels, don’t You?

Help me seek You--not some human created version of You. I pray against any smooth talking snakes that may come whispering in my ear, that I may discern Your voice above all the noise. I pray to have the strength and confidence to follow You especially when it feels like I am the last one standing. I pray to receive the gift that Jesus gave me on the cross with a humble heart, overflowing with thankfulness.

In Jesus’ mighty name, AMEN.

Praying over every single one of you reading this!

Please use this bible study method for other passages and let me know how it goes!

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