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1 Peter Background

Welcome to October! This is a special month for me, as it is birthday month in my family. Lots of celebrations and gathering together. This is a great verse to dwell and ponder on while looking to the future, turning another year older and leaning in to hear what God wants me to learn in the process.

Peter is a pretty important figure in the bible and there is much to learn from his life, actions, character flaws and strengths. He is one whom I feel I relate to a lot. His impulsiveness especially, ha! I have learned over the years that some of our strengths can also be a weakness but by looking to worthy mentors, leaning on the Word and asking for God’s help, it all works out according to His purpose…and that’s always good.

CHALLENGE: Read 1 Peter Chapter 5. It is titled “Shepherd the Flock of God.”

Soak in the wisdom. I know I needed the reminders provided.


Peter indicates that he was in Babylon when he wrote this. It is accepted that it was between the years of AD 60-67/68 (Peter was martyred during Nero’s reign which ended in AD 68).


Obviously, Peter wrote this, but acknowledges Silas’ help in writing it in 5:12.

It was being written to all the scattered believers in the surrounding areas.

“The readers of Peter’s letter were confused and discouraged by the persecution they were encountering because of their faith. Peter exhorted them to stand strong, repeatedly reminding them of Christ’s example, the riches of their inheritance in him, and the hope of his returning again to take them to heaven. Peter explained how Christians should respond when they suffer because of their beliefs. Called the “apostle of hope,” Peter’s primary message is to trust the Lord, live obediently no matter what your circumstances, and keep your hope fixed on God’s ultimate promise of deliverance. Suffering is to be expected, but it is temporary and yields great blessings for those who remain steadfast.” (Taken from my ESV Journaling Bible)

Well, that summary feels pretty relevant to me. Confused and discouraged by the attack on Christianity in general? Bring it a little closer…confused and discouraged why you feel you are standing alone because of your faith…anyone? It is comforting to know that we are not the first Christians to experience such feelings and attacks on our faith. It is everywhere we turn these days, but I personally feel it is such a confirmation of the times and the importance of maintaining our convictions in the face of evil and darkness. It matters, friends!

I can’t wait to dig deeper into this verse, as I know there are areas of my life that could use some good, old fashioned, humbling.

Ask God what that means for you, personally. Where does He want to see you pull closer to Him by humbling yourself? Is it in your marriage? Relationships with others? Work? Ministry? Or, if you are special like me…it could be “all of the above.”

Father God, we come before you as broken people, in need of humbling. God I ask that you reveal to each of us this month where it is You want more of You and less of us. We want to glorify You in each of our relationships, our parenting, the work of our hands. We lay it all down at Your feet today, forgive us for our constant attention to self. Allow Your Holy Spirit to convict and reveal what needs attention, Lord. Prepare our hearts for Your loving discipline as we accept course corrections. Let us be reminded that it is because of Your Fatherly love for us that You discipline us and You waste nothing! In Jesus’ mighty name, AMEN.

Happy Digging!

"Scripture Quotations are from The ESV Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version), copyright 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved."

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